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The Best Men’s Hiking Shoes of 2022

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Hiking shoes are probably THE most important item you bring on the hiking trail with you. You need proper footwear if you plan to hike. A good pair of hiking shoes can make all the difference in the world on a short or long hike. Hiking shoes for men need to fit properly and be as comfortable as possible to help prevent blisters, ankle strains and wear and tear on your body. 

There’s a never-ending debate on men’s hiking shoes versus men’s hiking boots, but this article will focus on shoes. You can read our article on men’s hiking boots here. 

Men’s Hiking Shoes

You may not realize it but every step you take in the wrong pair of shoes can take away from your enjoyment of hiking on a trail or around a park. While you need other hiking gear such as a backpack, food and water – hiking shoes rank as the #1 item you need to get right before embarking on a trail. Men tend to walk hard on trails, gravel or concrete and this can lead to injury or simply wear you out if you’re not wearing a great pair of hiking shoes. Personally, I’m tall and heavy and tend to walk like Big Foot while in the woods and end up hurting my feet in the long run. This is one reason I’m a huge advocate for men’s hiking shoes.

Here’s our article on women’s hiking shoes

Lightweight Hiking Shoes

You have to choose your hiking shoes based on the type of hiking you plan to do. Long-distance hikers as well as weekend hikers usually opt for lightweight hiking shoes. You can cover miles and miles and they still feel great at the end of the day. A pair of lightweight hiking shoes will give you more energy while hiking because you don’t have to work as hard to move. A great pair of lightweight hiking shoes will have mesh for breathability and lightweight materials to reduce the overall weight of your shoes. Don’t be fooled by the name; lightweight hiking shoes can still be used for heavy-duty hiking. 

Men’s Hiking Shoes VS Hiking Boots

You may think men’s hiking shoes and hiking boots are the same, but they have multiple differences. Men’s hiking shoes are much more lightweight and usually more comfortable than hiking boots. While hiking boots may be better suited for cold weather treks, you will find that hiking shoes are easier to navigate in. They are breathable thanks to mesh linings and many feature a hard, protective rubber toe cap that functions similar to steel toes. You never know what type of terrain you will encounter on the trail so it’s good to be prepared. 

Get a great pair of hiking shoes and a hydration pack for hiking and you’re ready for any adventure. 

Walking Shoes

Men’s hiking shoes make great walking shoes on or off the trail. I personally use them for everything; working out, walking the track or taking a quick tour of the local hiking trails. They also make great cross-training shoes due to their design, breathability and comfortable fit. It’s important to note that while men’s hiking shoes make great walking shoes, you can’t use every pair of walking shoes on the trail. Most walking shoes aren’t built rugged and tough enough to handle the demands of an outdoor walk. 

Hiking Sneakers

Hiking sneakers and hiking shoes are basically the same things, however, many brands that advertise hiking sneakers are really only designed for a paved hiking trail. They still fit great and can handle most outings, but they may not be quite as rugged as traditional hiking shoes for men. 

There are tons of great hiking shoes for men on the market. Our job is to show you the best hiking shoes for any trail, commute, workout plan or casual use. 

Merrell Moab 2 Men’s Hiking Shoes with Vent

Merrell makes a great line of hiking shoes that are some of the best on the market. Merrell hiking shoes for men are designed to provide optimal comfort and support while hiking, working, trail running, outdoor trips and for the casual walk. They’re stylish and rugged at the same time and perfect for the outdoors. You can use these lightweight hiking shoes for day trips, weekend trips, week-long backpacking and more. Many people wear this same style to work everyday because they’re comfortable and make a great pair of walking shoes. 

The Merrell Moab 2 hiking shoes for men are made with suede leather that will look great for a long time and mesh that allows your feet to breath. It’s easy to get your feet soaked from sweat while hiking, but these lightweight hiking shoes do a great job at maximizing air flow to your feet. They utilize closed-cell foam on the tongue to keep out moisture and to keep your feet dry. The protective rubber toe cap is a nice feature to have when walking trails that have rocks, limbs and sticks that could hit your toes. 

You can purchase the Merrell Moab 2 men’s hiking shoes in roughly 18 various color combinations. 

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Men’s Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Columbia has been around for ages and they know how to make high-quality hiking shoes for men. The Columbia Newton Ridge Plus is a waterproof hiking shoe that uses technology to keep your feet dry and comfortable. The midsole is extremely durable and won’t wear out nearly as fast as other brands and it features amazing cushioning which is important when hiking. You don’t want to feel every bump on the trail and these hiking shoes do a great job. 

If you’ve ever worn the wrong shoes on a trial you know how it drains your energy. Every step feels like you weigh a ton, especially if you’re carrying hiking equipment. These lightweight hiking shoes return your energy while walking long distances. The advanced traction rubber sole gives you optimal grip no matter where you hike and helps you keep your footing on rough terrain. 

The exterior of this hiking shoe is a full-grain leather with a mesh bootie to provide waterproof capabilities and to keep your feet comfortable. The mesh tongue gives you an extra dose of breathability. All of the features on the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus are designed for comfort, durability and energy return. 

Keen Targhee II Men’s Hiking Shoe

The Keen Targhee II is a men’s hiking shoe that falls into a specific category of lightweight and waterproof shoes that can handle the outdoors like a champ. It’s made of 100% leather with a rubber sole that has an amazing grip and can help you navigate through treacherous landscapes. The membrane is breathable and waterproof to cut down on sweating while hiking and it can handle wet weather that you may encounter. 

The rubber soles are designed to give you the best traction possible for any type of environment. This is something you want on your hiking shoes if you hike in wet or muddy environments. They’re also great for rocks and some climbing due to their flexibility. I’m a huge fan of the amount of support you get with these hiking shoes. Many trails that I hike are uneven and involve some climbing and the Keen Targhee II men’s hiking shoes give you everything you need to be comfortable on the trail or at the office. 

Columbia Crestwood Men’s Hiking Shoe

The Columbia Crestwood men’s hiking shoe is a great choice for anyone who wants a hiking shoe that can easily double for other activities such as going to the office or wearing around town. They look great and don’t scream hiking shoe like other options. The gray pair reminds me of New Balance walking shoes that are extremely comfortable and easy to wear. 

This men’s hiking shoe is made of leather, suede, and mesh to keep your feet cool and comfortable while hiking. It has plenty of cushioning to keep your energy levels high and the midsole is sturdy and comfortable. This is a great pair of hiking shoes for men to wear on a quick hike or a more substantial adventure outdoors. 

The North Face Ultra 111 Men’s Waterproof Hiking Shoe

You can wear this men’s hiking shoe anywhere and not have to worry about performance. It can handle any outdoor excursion and looks sleek enough to wear to work. It’s waterproof and is great for cross-training. This is the men’s hiking shoe that can do it all and is a great all-around shoe for any situation. 

The North Face Ultra 111 men’s waterproof hiking shoe comes in multiple color combinations to give you a few options. I’m partial to the navy blue, but they all look great on the trail. The mesh upper is a great way to keep your feet cool on hot days and it has great arch support to keep you on the trail longer. Overall, we highly recommend this hiking shoe for men.

Columbia Redmond lii Mid Men’s Waterproof Hiking Shoe

This is the men’s hiking shoe you need if you want a rugged waterproof shoe that features a seam-sealed design. The Columbia Redmond lii mids are quite durable and are made to keep water and mud out of your shoe. They not only reduce fatigue with sturdy cushioning, but also feature a lightweight midsole that can make hiking easier. 

If you’re looking for an all-terrain men’s hiking shoe, this is a great option. It’s comfortable, waterproof with a seam-sealed design and has amazing traction to keep your feet in place. We like this men’s hiking shoe and can easily recommend it for hiking. 

Salomon Men’s X Ultra 3 Hiking Shoes

The Salomon X Ultra 3 men’s hiking shoes are a great choice for an overall outdoor shoe that can be used for any activity. They look nice enough to wear anywhere and are breathable enough to wear during outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, fishing or working in the yard. These hiking shoes for men are perfect for short hikes, long hikes and technical hikes that involve steep climbs and descents. It’s easy to roll an ankle or develop a blister spot on your feet with the wrong shoes. The Salomon hiking shoes are designed to keep your feet secure when the trail is rough. 

We like these hiking shoes for men by Salomon because they look good enough to wear anywhere and can help you on those tough hiking trails that require good grip and firm steps

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