Women's Hiking Boots

Best Women’s Hiking Boots of 2022

Columbia Newton Ridge women's waterproof hiking boots

Women’s hiking boots are essential for a good hike. They provide you with maximum support for your feet and ankles and allow you to walk longer. You can tell the difference the second you put on a pair of women’s hiking boots. You’ve likely rolled an ankle or two or developed blisters from hiking with the wrong footwear. I’ve hurt my feet so bad hiking that it took days before I could walk straight again and it was all due to inadequate footwear. 

Hiking boots for women are designed differently today than they were in the past. They’re lightweight and provide a supportive footbed that keeps your feet secure and comfortable on long hiking trips. They also have an insane amount of traction that allows you to grip better even in wet or icy conditions. Many women’s hiking boots are made with leather uppers that will last forever and soles that can take a beating. 

Women’s Hiking Boots VS Hiking Shoes

You may be wondering what the difference is between women’s hiking boots and women’s hiking shoes. Basically, hiking boots are more robust and give you more ankle support which is great for rough trails and when carrying a heavy backpack. Women’s hiking shoes are lightweight and easy to wear. Here’s an article about women’s hiking shoes that you can read. 

Waterproof Women’s Boots

Waterproof women’s boots are a must if you hike in areas that rain often or retain water on the trails. You already know how aggravating it is to step in a mud puddle and have your socks get wet. The problem with this on a hiking trail is it leads to huge blisters on your feet. A good pair of waterproof women’s boots can alleviate this issue and keep your feet dry. Wet feet can also cause you to freeze while hiking in cold weather. This can be a dangerous situation if you don’t take care of it soon. 

Women’s Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Boots

Women’s lightweight waterproof hiking boots are one of the best decisions you can for hiking. They do an amazing job at not only keeping your feet comfortable and dry, but they also return energy. A great pair of women’s hiking boots can actually give you more energy to hike or walk longer, especially while carrying a backpack. Hiking in regular shoes may be ok for a short walk, but you need a pair fo women’s hiking boots if you want to fully experience the thrill of the hike while remaining as comfortable as possible. 

Women’s Outdoor Boots

You may have a pair of women’s outdoor boots that you want to try on the trail. They could work, but you want to make sure they’re actual women’s outdoor boots and not simply marketed as such. Some women’s outdoor boots may be suitable for hiking, but you want to make sure before you take them on the trail. Your best bet is to shop for the best pair of women’s hiking boots you can find to make sure you get the right pair. 

Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Hiking Boot

Columbia makes some of the best and most comfortable women’s hiking boots on the market. The Newton Ridge Plus is a great choice for someone who wants a great-looking hiking boot that’s more than qualified to handle the toughest trails. You can get these in about 30 different color and style combinations to match any outfit. Not only are these amazing women’s hiking boots but they can also be worn in casual settings or to work. They look professional enough for any task outside of the trail or campsite. 

These hiking boots for women are made with a combination of leather, mesh and suede to give you one of the most complete pair of hiking boots you will find. They feature a seam-sealed design that keeps out water and they’re lightweight. The cushioning in these boots are top-notch and do a great job at energy return to keep you hiking longer. 

Not only are these hiking boots for women great looking and extremely comfortable, but they are also rugged and will last a long time. This is definitely a pair of hiking boots you should check out before your next excursion. 

A great pair of women’s hiking boots pair well with a hydration pack for hiking

Keen Terradora 2 Women’s Waterproof Hiking Boot

The Keen Terradora 2 is a great pair of women’s waterproof hiking boots that will last a long time on the trail. They’re mid-height and give your ankle ample support while trekking or carrying a backpack. They feature a waterproof membrane that keeps out water and still allows your hiking boot to breathe. It lets out moisture to keep your feet warm and dry. 

These waterproof women’s boots feature optimal traction via 4mm multi-directional lugs and give you the best grip possible. You never know what type of terrain you will encounter and these boots keep you prepared for anything. The dual-density EVA footbed does a great job at supporting your arch and giving you the extra support you need for a day on the trail. We like these hiking boots for women as a hiking boot as well as for casual use. 

Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

The Merrell Moab 2 is a great pair of women’s hiking boots that are waterproof and more than adequate to handle any type of trail you want to hike. They’re made with pigskin leather for the uppers with mesh mixed in for breathability. Merrell makes a great pair of women’s lightweight waterproof hiking boots that are comfortable and allow your feet to breathe. They keep your feet dry with a waterproof membrane that works by sealing out water and letting out moisture that can accumulate. 

The soles on this pair of women’s hiking boots are made tough and provide the perfect amount of slip resistance to keep your feet in place. You never know if you’ll have to hike on ice, wet concrete or other uneven terrain and their high-performance rubber sole will give you the advantage you need. The Merrell women’s hiking boots also feature targeted heel cushioning that returns energy and allows you to hike further and with more energy. We highly recommend looking at these. 

Manfen Women’s Hiking Boots

Manfen makes a great pair of women’s waterproof hiking boots. They provide amazing ankle support and utilizes an integrated inserted EVA midsole that makes them super comfortable and ready for the trail. They’re lightweight and have great cushioning to keep your feet and ankles fresh and ready for more hiking. 

The rubber toe cap provides extra protection to your toes in case a log falls on your foot or you stump your toe on the trail or campsite. You can even do heavy-duty work in these hiking boots for women. The outsole gives you amazing grip for the trail, loose gravel, wet concrete or other surfaces. The Manfen women’s hiking boots excel at walking, backpacking, hiking, hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoor adventures. They come in multiple colors and designs. 

Keen Tempo Flex Mid Height Women’s Waterproof Hiking Boot

The Keen Tempo Flex is a flexible women’s waterproof hiking boot that does a great job on the trail or at work. It uses technology to reduce energy use in the toe box which in turn makes them last longer. Many hiking boots for women begin to wear out in the spot where the material folds when you take a step and the Keen Tempo Flex has found a way to reduce that wear and tear. These boots are waterproof and utilize a breathable membrane to keep out moisture and water. They even use a PFC-free water-repelling agent. 

These Keen women’s hiking boots give you amazing traction thanks to the rubber outsole. Grip is important when hiking because you need a good footing to stay safe. The rubber outsole is also non-marking so you don’t have to worry about leaving footprints inside buildings or your home. Overall, the Keen Tempo Flex women’s outdoor boots are a great choice. 

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